Bus Stop People: Friedrich

Friedrich, number two of the bus stop people. He is rumpled – looks like he slept in his clothes. If you look closely, you will see that he is not a neat eater (hence, broccoli on his tie), that he is not a good sewer of buttons (hence, the pink threads from his top vest button), he does not support any political party – no flag in his lapel, he doesn’t support veterans – no poppy in his lapel, and he is not particularly religious – no cross in his lapel. He eats too much or the wrong kind of food – belly fat distorts the fit of his jacket, either he dresses in the dark or just doesn’t care (blue socks) and seems to be too lazy to tie his shoes (which could use a little cleaning). Despite all this, he seems to feel better than the rest and, yet, here he is at the bus stop.I can’t say he  takes the bus because it is economically prudent or more fun than other transportation. Some say he is an old professor or works with people at the least. He might be a “number cruncher” – numerical solutions would give him that smug look of success. You figure it out.


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