Spilled Vase

I wanted a challenge and this was it: falling flowers and spilled water. After searching many pictures on the internet and a few experiments at home, I learned that water spills with a gush and includes many many bubbles. The gush has kind of a back wash before it leaves the receptacle, which creates the bubbles that are then projected out with a great deal of force. These bubbles fly through the air — up, across, and down. The water reflects the colors around it as it falls.

The flowers tumble on their way down, picking up water bubbles along the way and eventually land upside down or on their sides. There is a condition called refraction which is the water in the vase being distorted from the water outside the vase. This effect was barely used and will be pursued another time.

You might think of a vase of flowers as a still life, but this quilt is full of activity.

Spilled Vase 1 (1)

Spilled Vase - flowers

Spilled Vase - water (1)

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